Healthcare comprising of medical instruments, pharmaceutical drugs, implants, and others is one of the fastest growing sectors with demand from almost every region around the world. The fact that the growth of healthcare sector is rarely affected by global conditions makes it one of the attractive yet critical markets in the world. Certifications, regulations, and patents are some of the key factors influencing the market. QMI identifies market opportunities across the value chain of this sector that promises a sustainable growth in future under certain conditions.
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Global Proton Therapy Market; By Product – (Equipment & Services); By Room Type – (Single Room & Multi Room; By Region – (North America, Asia Pacific & Europe and Rest Of the World) Market Outlook 2025

Proton beam therapy is a type of particle therapy that uses photon ionizing radiation for irradiation of diseases tissues. It is the most advanced form of radiation therapy enhanced with precise dose sculpting capability. It is relatively a niche radiation therapy with minimal radiation exposure, successfully eradicating potential side-effects of other forms of conventional radiation therapies.

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Global Migraine Therapeutics Market; By Product – By Drugs- (Triptan, CGRP, Others); By Region – (North America, Asia Pacific & Europe and Rest Of the World) Market Outlook 2025

Migraine is a complex debilitating neurological disorder which is often characterized by recurrent severe headaches in one side of the head. It is generally preceded by sensory warning signs and other symptoms such as sensitivity to light and noise, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, etc. It is one of the most common neurological disorders affecting more than 303 million people in the US alone. Even though the disease leads to huge economic burden, yet migraine remains under-recognized and under-treated.

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Global Ostomy Care Market, By Type (Colostomy, Urostomy & Ileostomy), By Region (North America, Europe & Asia Pacific, Rest of the World) – Outlook 2025

An ostomy, or stoma refers to the surgical procedure in which diseased portion of gastrointestinal or urinary system is removed, accompanied by artificial opening between the intestines and the abdominal wall for the discharge of body wastes. Depending on the part of the organ which require surgical intervention, ostomies are broadly divided into three categories-– colostomy (large intestine), ileostomy (small intestine) or urostomy (urinary bladder).

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Global Neurovascular Intervention Market, By Type (Cerebral Thrombectomy Devices, Flow Diverter for Aneurysm, Carotid Artery Stenting (CAS) and Stent Retriever System), By Region (North America, Europe & Asia Pacific, Rest of the World) – Market Size & outlook 2025

Neurovascular disorders or diseases refer to abnormality associated with blood vessels supplying blood to the brain and spine. This includes narrowing of arteries, which reduces blood flow to the brain and increases the risk of stroke (particularly “ischemic” stroke), and weakening of arteries, which may create brain aneurysms and increases the risk of intracranial bleeding (or “hemorrhagic” stroke).

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Global Interventional Oncology Market, By Therapy – (Radiation Therapy, Particle Embolization & Ablation), By Region (North America, Europe & Asia Pacific) – Market Size & Outlook 2025

Interventional oncology is a rapidly growing field of interventional oncology which deals with diagnosis and treatment of cancer using minimally invasive procedures. It uses various imaging techniques such as x-ray, ultrasound, computed tomography, or magnetic resonance imaging for guidance purposes. Interventional oncology is generally employed for treatment of liver cancer, lung cancer, bone cancer, kidney cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, and pancreatic cancer.

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Global Insulin Delivery Devices Market, By Type (Insulin Pen, Insulin Vial & Syringes and Insulin Pumps), By Region ( Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and Rest of the World) – Market Size & Outlook 2025

Insulin is a peptide hormone produced by the pancreas and is central to regulating carbohydrate and fat metabolism in the body. Insulin therapy is used for the treatment of people with type 1 diabetes in order to avoid complications arising from hyperglycemia. Insulin is administered mainly through subcutaneous insulin injections such as vials and syringes, insulin pens, and insulin pumps. In addition to this, various other physiological minimally invasive or noninvasive ways for delivering insulin are oral, buccal, nasal, peritoneal and transdermal.

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Global 3D Healthcare Printing Market, By Technology (Electron Beam Melting, Laser Beam Melting, Droplet Deposition, Photopolymerization Electron Beam Melting), By Application (Medical, Dental, Others), By Components (Materials, Hardware, Software) By Region (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Rest of the World) – Market Size & Outlook-2025

3D printing is a disruptive technology and one of the greatest instances of the next industrial revolution. 3D healthcare printing can be segregated into 3D medical printing and Bioprinting. 3D medical printing has provided a massive opportunity to the healthcare industry by aiding in the production of medical tools, prosthetics, development of drugs, etc. Bioprinting technology also has immense market potential, particularly in organ fabrication which includes building tissue and organ structures for drug discovery and regenerative medicine applications.

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Global Diagnostic/Medical Imaging Market, By Application (X-Ray Devices, MRI Equipment, Ultrasound Devices, CT Scan, and Nuclear Imaging Equipment) By Region (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Rest of the World) – Market Size And Market Outlook 2025

Medical imaging is an interdisciplinary field encompassing concepts from the field of radiology, nuclear medicine, and optical imaging and image-guided intervention. It uses various techniques for visualization of body parts, tissues, or organs for diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. It is one of the breakthrough medical inventions of the modern era.

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Global 3D Medical Imaging Market Size By Device – (X-Ray, Ultrasound, MRI & CT Scan); By Solution – (3D Rendering, 3D Scanning & 3D Modelling); and By Region- (North America, Europe & Asia Pacific Rest of the World) Market Outlook 2025

3D visualization forms the base of modern radiology. 3D medical imaging is a revolutionary optical imaging technology that provides an enriched image of the interior body for medical analysis by utilizing 3D imaging modalities. The technology has equipped healthcare professionals with the ability to access new angles, resolutions, and details to provide better anatomical overview while reducing radiation for patients. 3D medical imaging provides enhanced images of blood vessels and better images of bones.

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Epinephrine Market, By Product Type (Auto-Injector, Prefilled Syringes, Ampoules & Vials), By Application (Anaphylaxis, Cardiac Arrest, Superficial Bleeding, Respiratory Disorders, Others), By Distribution Channel (Hospital Pharmacies, Retail Pharmacies, Online Pharmacies), By Region (North America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Rest of the World) – Market Size & Forecasting (2016-2025)

Epinephrine, also known as adrenaline, is a hormone secreted by the adrenal gland in the human body. It helps the human body respond in fight or flight situations of the cells, by increasing the output of the heart thereby increasing the blood flow to the muscles. Epinephrine also acts as a neurotransmitter, which transmits signals across a chemical synapse such as the neuromuscular junction, from one nerve cell to another.

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